ACP150 California Highway Patrol Pilot Jan Sears

by CarlValeri on August 14, 2017

CHP Pilot Jan Sears

In this episode, we interview California Highway Patrol Pilot Jan Sears. Jan is passionate about aviation and has a unique path towards his career goal and will share with us.

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Jan and I Discuss his journey to becoming a Pilot for the California Highway Patrol Pilot:

  • His passion for aviation and how it began at the young age of 10. His attempt to fly fighters and the challenges due to a medical issue as well as life as an EMT.
  • Hired by California Highway Patrol.
  • Moving to air operations with CHP.
  • The aircraft and missions of CHP.
  • His advice to aspiring pilots.

Pick Of the Week:

CHP Air Operations, Golden Gate Division


California Highway Patrol on Wikipedia

California Highway Patrol Aviators Division in Action

CHP Aviation VehiclesSan Francisco from a CHP CockpitCHP performing a rescue


In this episode, we continue our a new series titled “Tips for high-Income Pilots. This series will eventually be an online video course.

As a reminder, we are not allowed by law to give you financial advice but this is only general information. You should consult your financial advisor for information specific to your needs. We recommend your finding a fee-based certified financial planner who must comply with the FINRA rules and regulations. Fiduciary is important.


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Tips For High-Income Pilots:

  • Saving for retirement
  • What to do when you're maxing out your retirement plan limit.
  • "Excess Benefit Plan" options
  • What if you have a 401(k), Profit Sharing Plan, and a 401(a) plan?
  • Getting within "visual range" of how much you might need - it's not as simple as you might think

Pick Of the Week:

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